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  1. N.A.S.T.Y. Replace Window with Picture

    Hi, try to copy this line:  * @param Window 30 Picture Name  * @desc Name of the picture in the img/pictures folder:  * And this one: Nasty.Param.PicWindow_Obj[string(Nasty.Parameters['Window 30 Object Name'])] = String(Nasty.Parameters['Window 30 Picture Name']);   Don't forget to...
  2. DMV Map Buttons

    Thank you a lot ! Can't wait for that !
  3. Online Highscores

    Thank you a lot, I'll test that as soon as possible :)
  4. DMV Map Buttons

    Hi ! Thanks for that Plug-in ! I wonder if it's possible to have an other iconset with we can set in the parameters, with the size of the icons too ? Or can you add it please ? It would be great to not being limited by the size of the default icons :)
  5. Online Highscores

    Hi, i'm very excited to use this plugin, but if it's possible, i'll need help to add a little option: I'll like to multiplicate the high-score by the difficukty set by this plugin : Is it possible ? Can you help me...
  6. Enemy Levels

    You're awesome ! Can't wait for that !
  7. Enemy Levels

    Hi, thanks for this amazing Plug-in ! Do you plan to integrate some possibility about the xp and gold ? Maybe a formula like gold=lvl*AMOUNT And Xp=level*AMOUNT Or the possibility to define our own formula but based on the level of the enemy ?
  8. [SSG] Difficulty Setting

    First, thank you for this awesome Plug-in ! Could you please add an option to multiplicate the score of this plugin: Based on the difficulty ?
  9. FFP_BaseStats

    Thank you, it solve the problem ! :D
  10. FFP_BaseStats

    I haven't touched the plugins or the parameters yet :) I think you will hate me :P First, I need to say that all my activated plugin work together without any bug. The disabled ones means that they create incompatibility issues or that I don't need them anymore. Yours is at the end, and...
  11. FFP_BaseStats

    Hi, thanks for that, it's a good idée and i'm planning to use your three plugins :)   But i found a bug and i can even acceed to the title screen:  type error: cannont read property "3" o undefined I(ve this in the console: TypeError: Cannot read property '3' of undefined     at...
  12. In-Game Manual

    Thanks for this plugin !! Is it possible to duplicate it? I'll like to have one as an in game manual, and the other one as a diary ?
  13. In-Game Manual

    Thanks for this plugin !! Is it possible to duplicate it? I'll like to have one as an in game manual, and the other one as a diary ?
  14. SnowMV - Simple Gathering

    It's done, and I have exactly the same error :/
  15. SnowMV - Simple Gathering

    Hi, I have a problem when i try to harvest something... :/ I'll try to give you the maximum of informations, I hope you'll can help me ! :) This error pop in the console at the same time (no error before trying to harvest: My plugin...

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