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  • henryandjay
    Thanks for the reply, although I don't quite understand the meaning... =D

    Well actually the word "empty" is just the translation corresponding to the right-top Chinese word on my head icon, nothing negative LOL
    Oh I was just making a story based on a car running out of gas. A lot of horror stories begin with people being stranded in the middle of nowhere because for whatever reason their car stops working. The nice pause beforehand made it seem like a sigh followed by saying "empty" which is pretty much how someone realizing their gas tank was empty would go. :LZSwink:
    haha, now I got it! Nice joke~~~:kaojoy:
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I always told my DA fans how much I hate slot machines. They're fine in games as a risk-and-reward system. But when you're spending REAL MONEY in a Vegas casino to try and hit the jackpot (which very, very few people will), it can really hurt your budget. Gambling is a bad habit, and I don't like wasting my money on a slim chance. Go to Vegas for the experience, not the jackpot.
Took the kids to a corn maze. They gave us a map and had lights at certain points in the maze. Not overwhelming... or underwhelming... just... whelming.
Okay, vacuuming fruit flies out of the air is surprisingly effective.
Finally finished my menu redesign after like a month of coding! I hate designing menus... Good news though - I thought of a complete redesign for it now, so yay...
Still no scam calls all day... also I got a quick gig designing a mascot drawing for a small business, so I might actually make some green of my own after all. That would be a perfect job for me, since I love art and digital design.

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