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    A New RPG Maker draws near! Command?

    gridfree mapping would be an improvement and integrated light effects. Imho a must-have. Yet so far only possible with plugins..
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    I just came back after a year and my RPG Maker MV doesn't launch anymore.

    And why haven't you tried changing the direction of the folder, RPGM is located in?
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    Game & Map Screenshots 10

    Had to get the snow on the building.. (edits, using Ancient Dungeon Winter Tileset + Fantastic Buildings Medieval) For compairism, the original building is in the lower left corner of the third picture on its steam website. I feel like I'd need to add something on the right side of the...
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    What do you do while making games?

    I just listen to the on map BGM when writing events / dialogues - if I listen to music at all. Other music wouldn't help me to focus, as listening music is for me rather something to relax. What I enjoy alot, is chatting in our "RPG group" in Facebook. It's nice to get some instant feedback or...
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    I just came back after a year and my RPG Maker MV doesn't launch anymore.

    Mine won't launch through the steam direction (also happened after an update), so what I did, was moving the whole thing on my desktop, where it's working fine. I don't start from Steam, I only have Steam open.. and then launch it from the folder. It's important here to open steam first, or it...
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    Game of Thrones Ending Poll WARNING SPOILERS!!!

    I found it okay, but the fact they laughed at the idea of democracy was abit foreseeable. And that it indeed happened like this, was disappointing. They should have made some indications, that Bran's plan could be, to prepare society for democracy. Then it would actually make sense, that Bran...
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    Favorite plots or settings in an RPG?

    I really really LOVED the story in Shadow Warrior. The game starts lighthearted and funny.. and I love it when you don't play silent alone.. but have a conversation partner. However.. advancing in the game, the story goes deeper and deeper and nearly broke my heart at the end. Another...
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    Boss Battle Music start in the cutscene

    Do you have an aftermath plugin? It usually would let you choose the BGM. Else.. if you want none on the usual map after the boss fight, you could set a switch at 0% HP of the enemy and run a parallel (or autorun) common event with the switch as pre-requisite. In that event "play bgm: none"...
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    Hi fellow people with too much free time

    Welcome Jay.. ^^
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    Getting your game known

    Create traffic around your game's website. You can use the various available social media for that (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Twitch, Instagram, etc), interlink them with each other. You can see popular / successful Youtubers for example, doing that. Invite friends/family (or whoever may...
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    What got you into RPG Making

    Friends kept saying, I should go into game development. However, it never has been "real". It was just that we've been talking about possible developments to existing games.. Also I always loved to "create something". Many years ago i used to write stories, but due to the fact that my native...
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    What do you think about releasing a game during a Steam Sale?

    I'd also avoid to launch during sales.. simply due to the fact that people are more focussed on grabbing discounts than getting introduced into a new game.
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    Favorite NES game?

    Hard to say. As a small kid I had to save several months in order to buy a game, so it was just a hand full i actually played regulary. Sometimes we did rent games from the video rental shop. The Legend Of Zelda + Super Mario Bros 3 are sure on the top, however. I remember of having played the...
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    Scared of copyright

    Well, violating copyrights is violating copyrights.. not making any profit out of it doesn't change that little fact. When people get away with that, then it is, cause they've been lucky so far. Sure, it's up to oneself to take that risk.. And - no matter the copyright - I'd say, you're pretty...
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    Unlimited Inventory or Limited Inventory?

    Hm.. if replacing "use to" with "would usually"? About the ARPGs limited inventory design: Let's just imagine, you can loot everything, that your inventory in fact is unlimited. I will include here 3 screenshots displaying how loot in arpg games can look like (Diablo 3, Path Of Exile and Grim...

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