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    Avy's MV Stuff

    Nothing worked, so I just took them and placed them over something that worked. Hopefully that's not considered editing the image.
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    Quasi Input

    All of the links are broken :(
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    Avy's MV Stuff

    The bat, how do I get that to work in MV? I've tried to do bat.png !bat.png $bat.png and !$bat.png but they all don't fit in the box.
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    Beast Masters

    The link is broken :(
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    Looks great!

    Looks great!
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    Mini Games in Games?

    Do you add mini games to your games? I've heard a few people say it takes away from the actual game itself, however I personally think it adds a little bit of gameplay time to your game, as well as makes look like you've put more effort into it. What's your opinion? Personally, I've added two...
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    Random Variables aren't random

    Edit: I've made them into separate things: But now it's ONLY showing up 1 and 3. Nothing else. 2, 4-10. None of them show up, ever. I added the numbers in there to see how it's actually working. Edit to the edit: I listened to @bgillisp and added a conditional branch instead. And it is now...
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    Random Variables aren't random

    If it's almost always going to chose the one on the right then what's the point in actually doing the number generator? This seems like a huge flaw in the game engine to me. I guess I'll try and make it a separate event each time or something.
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    Random Variables aren't random

    I have a random Variable set up for 1 - 10. However, out of all the options it will choose 10 about 90% of the time. Is there something I'm doing wrong here? The missing ones are duplicates of the >4 one.
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    Game recommendations

    I'll look up GU on the switch then. Haven't touched it in a while so it'll be nice to dust it off for a new game :D
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    Game recommendations

    I tried monster hunter worlds and it was alright. I'll have to look into some others, thanks for the recommendation :D
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    Game recommendations

    I've gotten to the point where I can't find any good games anymore, I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations? I'm a social gamer, so I'm looking for anything multiplayer or where I can play with others :D
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    I've voted. I was looking up modern textures literally yesterday and could only find one for VX. None (official) for RMMV which is sad. I'm now looking to pay someone to do it all for me :O
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    Has anyone used any other game software?

    Alrighty, that makes sense. I've reported it to be removed. I appologize for posting it
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    Has anyone used any other game software?

    Didn't know it wasn't allowed here, and I learned my lesson about that. Got banned from there, and won't be doing anything like that again. It wasn't the most professional thing.

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