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    Currently working on a parallax map for Valinor City (aka the first town) in my game. Here's what I have so far.
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    Simon D. Aelsi
    Simon D. Aelsi
    Not a bad start! I must say, though... that the different styles of building kinda clash with eachother pretty strongly so far, also.
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    More progress on that map. Made the island for the mansion bigger, and replaced some buildings and added others.

    Things to do:

    Figure out what else to put in the quadrants with the lighter-colored pavement.

    Add more trees and decorative objects (fountains, lights, machinery, etc).
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Ugh....When you spend hours doing something and then end up scrapping the idea >.<
Random joke of the day: This morning a man wearing a face mask robbed a supermarket in the town center. So far the police has arrested 240 suspects.
Hosting competitions using your game is always so nerve wracking!!!
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