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    Map Screenshot

    Then again, I am a noob to all this. Anyways, interesting error I received: EDIT: I believe I found the potential problem. In the picture above in the second spoiler, I have the Display Name as "Grasslands of Bymoor: Route 2". The problem happens on that map. However, when I remove the colon...
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    Map Screenshot

    I was being dumb and didn't realize that I had to be in-game to be able to take the mapshots, I eventually found out how to work it.
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    Ruby/RGSSx questions that don't deserve their own thread

    Thank you to the two people above me.
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    Map Screenshot

    This is supposed to go under Materials in scripts, am I correct? Because I can't get this to work for some reason. Also this is the first script I'm ever using and don't have any others installed. EDIt: I'm a dumb dumb, realized I need to actually be in game to use it.
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    Ruby/RGSSx questions that don't deserve their own thread

    I definitely feel as this question doesn't deserve it's own thread, but how do I install a script made by another user? Do I copy and paste it into the script editor like in here: Or do I have to put it under one of the headings, (Modules, Game Objects, Etc)?
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    "Map" Item

    I was actually thinking of the same thing, some sort of world map is always nice to have.

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