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    How do I prevent Force Action to count down turns on States?

    Never mind - I installed Yanfly's Battle Engine Core plugin and it fixed the issue. But still, it happens with the base stuff which is kinda lame :(
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    How do I prevent Force Action to count down turns on States?

    When I use Troop Commands to Force Action on a party member at the end of the turn, State durations count down by 1 additional turn. How can I prevent this?
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    Prevent Erased Events from Respawning after Save/Load

    Oh wow, thanks for clarifying that, Shaz. Indeed I had run into this issue constantly but due to playtests while adjusting the game project.
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    Prevent Erased Events from Respawning after Save/Load

    Erase Event removes an event and makes it respawn if the player exits and re-enters the map. However, the removed event also respawns if the player saves and quits and then re-loads the game in the same map without exiting. Is there any way I can prevent this with scripting? I'm almost 100%...
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    Actors take too much damage from skills

    With the information you gave, I'd advise you increase your Actors' HP to at least 1000 at level 1. Can't help much further than that, really.
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    Come on, it's not that bad.

    Come on, it's not that bad.
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    RMVXA Northwall v1.0.1

    dayum, the Chest event was really something. It was an amusing riddle, to be honest. Too bad you took it out. :(
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    What do you prefer HP bars or scan?

    Show HP bars right away, and if you're going to use a Scan ability, have it do more, like reveal the exact HP number, weaknesses, immunities, special ablities, etc.
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    Game Making Drive March 2014

    Day 8: Today I did some playtesting to try out some new damage formulas and the revamped skill progression for many classes in the Job System. In many cases, I've increased learning costs for skills. The previous design was too short-sighted and it allowed the player to gain too many skills...
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    Game Making Drive March 2014

    Now for the proper update. Day 7: Today, I reworked the element affinities for all enemies in my current project. The way things were didn't make much sense (aerial enemies were weak to Earth, for example) so I had to do an overhaul which took all of my time because I also had to manually...
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    Game Making Drive March 2014

    Forgot the yesterday update, but I did work sporadically on my project yesterday, I just forgot to post before getting too sleepy. :( Day 6 In continuing with the database work and quality-of-life tweaks to class abilities, I changed some abilities, their damage formulas and their costs. I...
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    Game Making Drive March 2014

    Day 5: Today I continued working on the spells for the Hexer, which didn't take me too long since most abilities are pretty standard, but setting up a couple of ailments I designed for them to use was kinda tricky. I had to make copies of Troop event pages in order to make some of them work...
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    Game Making Drive March 2014

    Day 4: Continuing with the skill rework I've been doing in my game, I've changed the effects of many bread-and-butter abilities for some classes in my game. Particularly, Mana Siphon, a MP-damaging skill which didn't absorb MP, actually does now. I usually rely on scripting for neat spell...
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    Game Making Drive March 2014

    Welp, I ended up missing Day 2 yesterday due to sadness. :( Day 3: Today, I tweaked many abilities from my main project, Realms of Arcanum. I've changed a lot of MP and TP costs, and also butchered almost all Cooldowns on my abilities. I realized that putting an external limitation like...
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    Game Making Drive March 2014

    ( Am I allowed to post the update for my day 1? I did progress on my game but I forgot to post on time... I'll also edit my post later to add day 2 (today). If I don't then disregard this update: ) Day 1: I worked on clarifying the text description of most abilities in my project, Realms of...

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