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  1. board game help

    Hello, I wanna make a game that works like a board game. There will only be one actor, so there is not much to worry about in that aspect. Pretty much what i'm asking is: How would i make turns? or something that can separate one action from another How would i roll at the beginning of a...
  2. MP Abuse

    I know somebody could do this in a snap, but I am bad at events and scripts and whatnot. I'd like to make a mechanic(?) where if an actor uses a certain percent of their MP, It will stop regenerating. (Each actor regens 1 MP each turn by default.) Again, I'm pretty sure I could do this with just...
  3. yanfly's auto passive states and equip skills plugin

    @PalinIt worked out perfectly! thank you very much!
  4. yanfly's auto passive states and equip skills plugin

    I'm using both of Yanfly's plugins, "auto passive states" and "equip battle skills" there's other ones i'm using, but they're not that important. The problem is, even when the passive is not equipped, it is in effect. (The actor knows the skill, it's just not equipped.) I don't know how...
  5. Additional attack

    Thank you guys! @PalinThanks for finding this, i'll be using it ALOT. @bgillispI had no idea that was there... :blink: Everything worked out fine!
  6. Additional attack

    I want to make a passive skill where when I use the normal attack option, I attack twice. If it matters i'm using yanfly's equip battle skills.
  7. Help with transportation

    okay, thank you very much.
  8. Help with transportation

    In my game I wish my player would not have to walk anywhere to interact with NPCs or travel from map to map. I kind of want a menu like the etrian odyssey series where pretty much you start in town square and you are given menu to travel to locations like "shop" or "inn" and once you are inside...
  9. Enabling and unabling the Attack Command by item

    So in my game, I want my only actor to lose the Attack, Guard, and Skill commands, but later find an item that then enables the attack command. how would I do that?
  10. rounding numbers?

    Thanks! this was exactly what I was looking for!
  11. rounding numbers?

    I want to kind of inflate my numbers so instead of doing 1 damage, do 10 damage. I want to have my HP and MP always round to a 10. is there a way to do that?
  12. Turn Systems?

    Hi, I''m having troubles deciding what Turn system I'd like to use. For all I know, the only turn systems out there are: (Speed/Agility?) System (Pokémon, Persona, Early FF etc.) Where whoever has the highest Agility/Speed stat goes first (with the exception of Pre-Emptive attacks and...
  13. Stat Requirements

    I'm making a date sim, and I don't know how to make certain choices require a certain number of stat. I think it might have to do with variables or switches... does it have to do with events? For anyone who's played the persona games, I'd want it to act like the Social Qualities.
  14. I'm working with small numbers

    OHH. Thanks a lot! You saved me a lot of time.
  15. I'm working with small numbers

    I want my characters to level up with small parameter changes. EX: you leveled up! HP +3 MP +2 ATK +1 DEF +0 Does it have to do with Parameter Curve? is there a way I can manually input the stat changes for each level up a class?

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