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    Oh yeah, this is a thing. Thanks for reminding me of its existence, @Kes . So, 2021 goals: - finish Heidi, with or without this...
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    HexMozart88 replied to the thread Ellenor's pixelart..
    Really nice pixel art. Also, how did you get the roof disappearing effect in the game? Was it done in RM or another engine?
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    HexMozart88 replied to the thread Goodbye Rpg Maker Web.
    I know we got off to a bit of a rough start, and I'm really sorry for that. I was a real stupid kid. But I really did admire you, and...
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    HexMozart88 reacted to Dalph's post in the thread Goodbye Rpg Maker Web with Sad Sad.
    Hello everyone. I admit I have been rude and disappeared so many times from this site for both stupid and paranoid reasons, and without...
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    True. I was trying to get it done so I could address the backlog of games I have going on, but I'm really stumped here. It's just...
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    HexMozart88 replied to the thread RMMV Minigame Concepts!!.
    OK, but is anyone going to talk about those adorable trees? Nice minigames! It looks very professional.
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    HexMozart88 reacted to WidgetKitty's post in the thread RMMV Minigame Concepts!! with Like Like.
    After a few painstaking days of programming and testing, I have three minigames completed. They're part of a carnival at the royal city...
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    You could always take a break from it then come back to it.
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    OK. I probably won't go that far. I'm just really frustrated that I might have to take out the battle system.
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    HexMozart88 updated their status.
    Looks like I'm going to have to cancel another game.
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    The monster looks like it's trying to yoink her hat. :LZSlol: Also looks good. :LZSwink:
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    I could try, but I don't know if it'll be MV/MZ style.
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    @Mr. Detective I think part of it is the hair at the sides is so thin, it looks like she has no ears.
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    Playing my game to improve my game. (Totally not procrastinating)
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    Who are we talking about?

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