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    We need Help. V-EQ

    Thank you I will check it in my spare time. I will be able to count on help in adapting your code to my game? If you had time of course :)
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    We need Help. V-EQ

    I have own ABS on events. All items are variables. My game does not use the item database.
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    We need Help. V-EQ

    Hello I am looking for a Visual Equipment script for RPG Maker XP. Hands, tunic, armor, helmet, shield, weapon. A script that applies layers depending on the item switch and variables I have this script, but I can not use it because it is not my property. So I'm looking for an alternative /...
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    Arcana Legends: Judgement [Demo]

    Cool game! ;)  
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    Tamer of the Emptiness II [EN] / Pogromca Pustki II [PL]

    I apologize in advance for the language. He helped me google translator.
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    Tamer of the Emptiness II [EN] / Pogromca Pustki II [PL]

      PARTNERS: - Wosox - shop - Red Octopus Music - music composer - Team Speak - - Unturned servers WE ARE HERE...

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