Does anyone actually check these out? I kinda doubt it, so let's test that theory! Got a game demo that you'd like feedback on? PM it to me and I'll give it a shot!

Hiya, I'm hiddenone! Though you probably know that since you're looking at my profile...
I've always loved being creative, whether it's drawing or writing or even just telling a story. So when I found RPG Maker, I figured I had finally found an awesome way to share my thoughts and ideas with others (if only I could focus on finishing my games >_> ).

I love seeing people's takes on my favorite character, Kel! So I'm gonna share the ones I get here.​
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My kitty still young (3-4 months), I think I could teach her some funny tricks... like: "Play dead-ly good music for my games"
Here's a quality DPS class idea: The Beekeeper, who uses the "Bees!!" skill to attack and poison enemies.
Please don't create long, boring cutscenes in which characters do nothing but stand around talking.
What if I took a lesson from Half Minute Hero? Let the player get dumb powerful each area, but reset them down to just slightly stronger than before for the next map?
Been averaging 2-3 hours sleep for almost a month now. Starting to space out all the time ^^;

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