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    Sprites (Events) With Weapons?

    Moving to MV Support.
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    ~SmashArtist's Art Workshop~ [1/3 slots taken] ((OPEN FOR EVENT))

    Your health definitely comes first, I hope you recover fully soon. But I'm so happy that you were able to make the tomboy princess (her emotions are perfect!), now I have to come up with a game for her! :kaoluv:
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    hiddenone's MV Resource Warehouse

    @CrowStorm All of my resources (or at least links to them), are in my opening post. So if it's not there, then I haven't made any... Which is the best answer I can give, because I honestly can't remember everything I've made at this point. :rswt I'm pretty sure I didn't make any clothes for my...
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    @zachb Please do not use the status feed to ask support questions, as it's against the rules...

    @zachb Please do not use the status feed to ask support questions, as it's against the rules. Also, Human_Male hasn't been online in months, so it's unlikely he'd be able to help you. Make a thread asking your question instead.
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    I Need Help With Tilesets

    This is more of a resource problem than a problem with MV, soI'm moving this to Resource Support.
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    Help Creating Avoiding danger Puzzles

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    How do I find "threads I started"?

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    How do I resize sprites?

    It doesn't work because the original is a SV battler, not a sprite for on maps. If you want to edit it to work as an event, then crop it to w:384 & h:512 and then have the filename start with $ (that should work at least, I can't double-check at the moment).
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    Resident Evil! Tyrant! Free sprite Request.

    Resource Requests Not everyone has played that game, so if you may want to add a reference image to your post.
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    Team reliant special move help

    @Bowtirage Game Mechanics Design isn't meant for "how to" questions, that belongs in the appropriate support section. You don't have a Primarily Uses listed, but I'm guessing you're using MV (if you're not, please state which engine you're using). MV Support
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    Requesting for New Project

    Closed at OP's request.
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    ~SmashArtist's Art Workshop~ [1/3 slots taken] ((OPEN FOR EVENT))

    Ooh, sounds like a great way to get back into resource making! I'll go ahead and make a request, but don't worry if you can't get to it (no game for it at the moment, just something that sounded fun :) ). Hey, Smash, I’ve got an ... ☆ EVENT REQUEST ☆ I'd love to see a tomboy princess! IF I...
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    I need a modern subway and train station tileset.

    Resource Requests Resource Support is for getting help to make resources work, not for finding new things to use.

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