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  • Stress tested @Yanfly's Grid-Free Doodads Plug-In today by hand-placing over 2,500 doodads on a map today...

    While it wasn't ideal, the game still ran about 40fps. ^~^
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    The way that movement is handled in RMMV does not make 40fps look very flattering. It cuts interpolation way too much to still look nice.

    As far as a 32x32 tile size, yeah, this Plug-In is designed to be "grid-free".
    @Hikitsune-Red - I hear ya. But you know...o_O i was trying it out, and i think 1000 doodads might be more than enough, to be honest. And even if i did go over a little, i dont think it would have too much of an ill effect =3 . Thanks for showing this, its so awesome! X3 

    Best of luck with your project @Blue Shift!

    Watched some of @Driftwood Gaming's videos today, and got inspired to try out some new things.

    First on the list: Mult-player Auction House, which I know sounds like a tall order in a game designed for single-player usage, but I've been making edits to Florian van Strein's GameJolt API for RMMV that allow usage of GameJolt's data storage system, allowing the 'transfer' of items. (As a proof of concept, I made a "Daily GIft" system in my game that is retrieved from GameJolt)
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