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  • Stress tested @Yanfly's Grid-Free Doodads Plug-In today by hand-placing over 2,500 doodads on a map today...

    While it wasn't ideal, the game still ran about 40fps. ^~^
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    The way that movement is handled in RMMV does not make 40fps look very flattering. It cuts interpolation way too much to still look nice.

    As far as a 32x32 tile size, yeah, this Plug-In is designed to be "grid-free".
    @Hikitsune-Red - I hear ya. But you know...o_O i was trying it out, and i think 1000 doodads might be more than enough, to be honest. And even if i did go over a little, i dont think it would have too much of an ill effect =3 . Thanks for showing this, its so awesome! X3 

    Best of luck with your project @Blue Shift!

    Watched some of @Driftwood Gaming's videos today, and got inspired to try out some new things.

    First on the list: Mult-player Auction House, which I know sounds like a tall order in a game designed for single-player usage, but I've been making edits to Florian van Strein's GameJolt API for RMMV that allow usage of GameJolt's data storage system, allowing the 'transfer' of items. (As a proof of concept, I made a "Daily GIft" system in my game that is retrieved from GameJolt)
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"Minus 1 fixes everything" ~ @Tea's Jams

lol, it's true
My game is a puzzle-RPG fusion about non-euclidian geometry, with the main combat system being running through mazes created by the bosses before time runs out, and most of the enemy names and designs are math puns... Is this original enough or need I go on? :kaopride:
I really hope that people like to read my "devlog" in this post. I made a little habit to always go on this post every month and update my progress it's a great way for me to tell myself this: You can do it!
Made a surprising amount of progress in these past two days. Really helps when parallax mapping breaks limitation and allowing me to be creative and make maps that match my vision.

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