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  • After 3 uploads on itch.io because of bugs and stuff, I realized that ...
    The title screen is still written in french
    • Haha
    Reactions: l8rose and SpaceBot
    XD Happens. I just realized I didn't add a few items even when the game says 'got this item, got that item' *sigh*
    Progress on the menu, almost finished.
    For the no-travel game jam.

    I use my own script to create windows on event, which I started far earlier.
    But the whole content have been created within April.

    Still got the battle system to finish, and then the game itself ^^'
    Serious things started, story on the making...
    What would you do in game after this situation ?

    After 5 days, it only need some more details, a few places to furnish and it's done.
    I can start the eventing :3
    (For the no travel jam)
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