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  • Woop woop~

    Hope that you people enjoyed the video I made :3

    I might do another one this week~ I really feel like it~

    And oh yeah.. New doodads format out~

    This time.. Underwater tilesets!

    Can't wait to see how my map turns out with this.. O:

    It looks really huge and well fit for the Doodads plugin!~

    Ever thought of having your heroes go through a underwater quest?

    Maybe they are wearing a magical armor or ring that allows them to move and breath underwater~

    There are many treasures underwater after all..

    Imagine all the vessels that have have long sunken down,

    filled with trading wares and chests filled with gold..

    ♥ :3
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    Hitzuki Key
    Hitzuki Key
    Toxic will be taking care of the ones of cyanide :3

    I'll take a look, people have mentioned many tilesets to me, I'm not sure yet which one I should do next~

    But don't woŕry x:

    (Also I might have a busy week after today, I'm not sure yet.. Will see ><)
    Take your time. There's no rush; plus there's added stress if you add a time limit to yourself so take it easy.
    Hitzuki Key
    Hitzuki Key
    Don't worry, I never stress myself out ;3
    I did a small doodads folder for today~

    (or for this morning; I might do another one this evening too)

    I was looking for a tileset to make a Youtube video on mapping a map with doodads. :3

    And after I found this tileset with the little shop accessories, I thought to make this one.~ ♥

    (I was planning to do it yesterday; but sadly my recorder went on to record a beautiful black-screen video. xD)

    Anyway, here are the resources found within the new doodads' tilesets!

    And here the link to my thread: Click Me
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    Hitzuki Key
    Hitzuki Key
    Also I made a little video on using the Doodads plugin.. x3

    And this time everything went good! No black-screen recording like last time! XD

    Nicely done. I love the alchemy stuff.<3. 
    Here we go!

    New doodads tilesets out :3

    Graveyard tilesets by whtdragon!~

    Hope you enjoy these~

    Time to increase the backyard of your churches or add in a graveyard filled with brave, fallen soldiers of the king~ Or maybe just a little grave next to your hero's house, that has his pet hamster buried in. :c

    Here is the post: click me

    I'll be off now taking care of my garden.. It's thirsty x3

    When I'm back I'll be doing a video on adding doodads to make a graveyard. c:

    Looking up to it~
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    Hitzuki Key
    Hitzuki Key
    *cries softly inside*

    I recorded.. So much..

    In the end the recorder had a problem.. 

    NOTHING was recorded.. Just black-screen..


    Why this always happens to me :c

    What now.. v.v
    what recorder do you use? why not the built in win 10 recorder (windows key and G)

    also what now? what NOW? now you get the extreme and utter joy of redoing it all :D :D
    Hitzuki Key
    Hitzuki Key
    I put lot of work in it.. v.v

    I was using Xsplit :3 But sadly I didn't pay much attention to where I clicked.. 

    It turned out that I clicked on my webbrowsers' windows instead of my RMMV.. XD

    Oh well, it's all on me this.

    At least I get to show the screenshot of the final form. ;_;

    I even showed how to make it so that you don't move through doodads tilesets ;-;

    It was going to be my first doodads video.. v.v

    Ugh! XD Anyway, **** happend.

    Tomorrow I will do another one. v.v But not today.. v.v
    Woop woop :3

    I just made a video for Youtube (I received a comment on one of my old videos to make a dark forest map).. And well..

    I just felt like it and wanted to make one that looked really easy to make. x3

    Don't kill me for not making another doodads set instead! XD

    The video is still optimizing and getting uploaded soon, so yeah :'3 (it's around 10 minutes long and on 4x speed)

    I was gonna add doodads in the end.. But I've already added trees from the tilesets..

    It's best to, if you add doodads, only use tilesets that can be covered by doodads..

    Not tilesets like trees, who are 50% above character and 50% under character.. xD

    Since doodads can't get above these tilesets with Layer 5.. :C
    Looks like alot of effort went into it. Its a nice map. Absolutely love the note to self part. XD
    Hitzuki Key
    Hitzuki Key
    that's how i usually map.. x:

    i could make my next doodads screenshot also a video xD

    the graveyard one :3 i'll think about it!~
    Well a graveyard would do nicely, since Halloween is right around the corner. So yeah, do a graveyard one! :D
    Hey there!

    Crazy thought… would you like to have some assistance with making doodads? 

    I could tackle some tile sets and send you the doodads, so you can add them to your thread?

    What do you think?

    Best ~QT
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    Hitzuki Key
    Hitzuki Key
    Yeah I replied :3 Like I said, I don't mind x3

    You can share whatever you get together on my thread if you want, I'll make sure to add it to the list :3

    I will call it your collection list too if you want x3

    Just make sure to not hurt any terms of use x:

    If they don't allow any reposts, it's a no-no~

    If they allow edits,.. It still means no (as far I understand it :c),

    since we don't really edit them, we just rearrange them. :c

    But you can always send a message to the people. x3

    Oh yeah, if you share something, please don't forget to give me the link from where you got it!

    That's important for me too x3

    Even if they say they don't mind reposting and don't mind if we don't mention them.

    I still wanna do it. :o
    Hitzuki Key
    Hitzuki Key
    Oh please let me edit this message.. That smiley in the end.. I hate it! xD
    Hehe I don't think you can edit messages/status posts that have been sent :D  

    But regarding the terms of use and sources: sure thing, I'll link them.
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