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    RMMV Demo Banbard: The last Bastion

    Demo In a world where humans roamed the lands as nomads and elves researched the mysteries of the world. The elves looked into the power of the mind and were able to gather energy from the land: this was called Magic. Humans were courageous in spirit and able to channel vast power from the...
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    Enemy gain resistance to status effect.

    But the resist state is removed when the status goes away correct? I want the resist state to stay throughout the battle (or more turns than the state is on) to prevent it being spammed on bosses.
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    Enemy gain resistance to status effect.

    I guess ill make double of each stat effect, one that is the normal state and one that adds a resist state i guess.
  4. hoboayoyo

    Enemy gain resistance to status effect.

    Looking into making enemies resistant/immune to a status effect after it's applied. Haven't found any plugin's of the sort so I imagine it's able to be done in engine. Kind of like Etrian Odyssey. Any help in the right direction is appreciated.
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    Deployment errors

    I have the same issue to but its when I check "Exclude unused files". I have to include them for it to run and It fails to load a bunch of images. When you click the retry button in battle does the error message change as well? I originally had MV as a demo from there website and than bought it...
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    State that makes an actor invisible.

    Thanks so much. Looked all night yesterday trying to find something like this. Thanks thanks.
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    State that makes an actor invisible.

    Trying to make a character invisible with a state and than visible when a state wares off. to do this I want to force an action when a state wares off. This is using Yanflys state and buff plugins. <Custom Leave Effect> var skill = 93; var target = -2; BattleManager.queueForceAction(user...
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    Gilgimar's Common event on equip issue. I noticed that every time my game is loaded, the common events associated with equipment's will run, even if the item is not equipped. I don't believe this is the correct behavior. I've also disabled every other...
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    Equipment Skill preview help

    Thanks for the info. Is tehere something more along the lines of -When equipment is highlighted on the select screen a window will pop up previewing the kill changes? (i can use a formula in a var to print everything).
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    Equipment Skill preview help

    Got a fun question here. In my game I made a skill system that incorporates one of the 'common event On equip' plugins (cant remember name of it) What this skill system does. -Made a new armor type called [Gems] -There is one for the main 4 elements -When equipped, certain moves will change...
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    SRD_TPUpgrade plugin issue

    Having an issue with SRD_TPUpgrade plugin. Im unable to set tp when actors are initialized / demoing battles. <Initial TP: value> Sets the base Max TP of the Actor to 'value'. Value can be a JavaScript eval. Examples: <Initial TP: 5> <Initial TP: this.level * 2> Overwrittes based...
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    How to make a dynamic skill system based off equipment?

    Skill system: The player can equip a gem/materia/crystal to a character and their skill will change depending on what elemental gem was equipped. (fire, water, wind, earth) for example : Slash becomes fire slash with a fire gem. Removing a gem reverts the skill back to the previous one. On top...
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    Get variable of actor equip page.

    Thanks so much for the info. Ill check out rpg_objects.js for easier references. The results I got from the above were just '0'
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    Get variable of actor equip page.

    do you know how i can grab the equipment in the Nth slot while on the page? I tried the following with no success. this._actor.equips()[1](edited) $gameParty.members()[1].equips()[1] And if your able to can you explain how you figured out how to piece that together?
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    Get variable of actor equip page.

    Thanks that was exactly it! Is there a good recourse for all of the script variables I can call? I know there is a script resource for event commands here but I havent found one for the interior stuff like the one you mentioned. Updated: I think i found it here...

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