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  • Took two whole days but I managed to script something. Now my character is forced to face the right direction before moving. (Mouse input only - might consider doing it for keyboard control as well). Now to create my own 8-directional sprite (as I stole this one from a thread posted by the developer of warriorlock).
    Gradual Turn
    Some MV plugins seem to work fine in MZ - but there appears to be an issue with the last @param of a plugin having a load of additional symbols beyond the param name. This can be fixed by double clicking said param and selecting ok. Not sure where to report this bug.
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The snowy mountains in my game are finally done... what a crazy journey.
I participated in the official video event collection!
Well I am infinitely upset that I finally got a good idea... after the Touch the Stars game jam is pretty much over.

Gather resources to build a spaceship to escape the apocalypse! It would have been cool....
Thinking that if I get MZ, I'll work on a new Project. How about instead of just an RPG, I make it episodic, like an anime? You might even get fanservice. Oh, but I need the right costume for the character.
"but what even is an API??"

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