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  • Did my first script call in an event! :kaopride: It's completely useless and just because I thought it'd be cute if looking at clocks in-game made the character say the real-world time, but it's fully functional scripting and I did it all by myself!
    That's how it starts, pretty soon you'll be making your own plugins and questing why you ever did it any other way. :LZSwink:
    Kuro DCupu
    Kuro DCupu
    The first script call I did ten years ago was on RMVX which is only $myvar = 9. I was like "Holy shett! I just invent some kind of self-variable!" before self-variable script was a thing.
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This profile banner thing is great! Not sure on the size needed, but it's still a nice feature.

Made mine nice and edgy because I'm still 15 at heart.
Anyone ever played Chrono Cross? I have been dying to create another micro-biome tileset that is heavily inspired by the Isle of the Damned in that game. So, a Micro Biome Bones edition. Anyone interested in this?
Wait, we have profile banners now?!
We have profile banners now! :D
D-does anyone know the size for them? 'Cause no matter what size image I upload, it doesn't look good haha; obviously my image sizes are too big.
Currently trying to figure out how to add custom objects to the character generator.

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