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    Three Required Weapons on Skill

    It would be really inelegant, and maybe not practical depending on the amount of skills involved, but would it be possible to make duplicate versions of your skills that only your Omni character would learn? Then the weapon types for her skills could be [regular weapon] and [Omni weapon]...
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    Base sprites emotes and animations

    Since these are RTP edits, if you make a character with no hair or clothing in the character generator with the skin palette you want, you should be able to use that as a guide to replace the colors on these.
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    Help with Creating Conditional Branches Events

    For the first one, you'll want to activate a switch when the boss is defeated, and then use a conditional branch dependent on that switch in the NPC's dialogue. For the second, you'll want a conditional branch that depends on whether or not the Mirror of Truth is in the party's inventory. It's...
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    How do i fit a tile in bigger then what Mv supports?

    You could split it up across several tiles? The default tilesets do that a lot for larger items like trees.
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    (RMMV) Encounters re-spawning after defeat

    That's the Erase Event command working as intended. If you want your troll to be gone forever when defeated, replace that command with setting a Self Switch to On, and then make a second page on the event that's left blank with the condition of said Self Switch being on.
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    [MV] Dark Fantasy Style tall templates

    It's a lot easier to draw clothes and hair (though the latter isn't relevant to this set) onto a pre-existing base sprite than it is to draw the entire thing from scratch.
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    Cash register (MV)

    Ah, cool. Thanks, Avery!
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    Cash register (MV)

    Hello! Has anyone made a cash register tile/doodad to fit in with the Sci-fi/modern MV RTP tilesets? It seems like an odd thing to be missing, and I could use one. Facing sideways, preferably, but I can work with other directions. Thanks!
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    Did my first script call in an event! :kaopride: It's completely useless and just because I...

    Did my first script call in an event! :kaopride: It's completely useless and just because I thought it'd be cute if looking at clocks in-game made the character say the real-world time, but it's fully functional scripting and I did it all by myself!
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    Event Tileset Hitbox

    Personally, I would just copy the tree sprite into its own character sheet.
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    December 2020 Goals and Progress Thread

    Month-end update: I did successfully get up through the first dungeon and then some! Progress is good and I am pleased. Goal for April: Get a game done for the No Travel Jam!
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    No Travel Game Jam

    I kind of figured that would be the answer, but it's good to have it clarified in writing. Thank you!
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    No Travel Game Jam

    Does it strictly have to be a settlement, or will any restricted, single setting do? Can I set my game in an abandoned space ship, for example, or does a setting you have to travel to reach still count as travel? I assume something like a boat at sea or a moving train would be right out as being...
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    RMMV Echoes of the Ethereal - DEMO

    Week-ish later update: I've learned a lot from this release! Mostly in terms of bugs to look out for, granted, but that's important! Next release should go much more smoothly now. And, of course, I've gotten some good feedback from people on the game itself that I'll keep in mind going forward...
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    Basic Event Help

    Correct! If you check that button, then it won't run the event unless the self switch is already on, which is impossible. You don't have to check that box to use the self switch, just if you want to prevent it from running unless that switch is on.

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