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    RMMV Witch of Yagserra [working title]

    Thanks, @Starshine! Martha is a placeholder for now, though I am growing rather fond of her, haha. Ultimately, I think I will use an entirely different actor sprite set -- I'm not in love with the chibis. There will be quite a few NPCs (both students and professors) roaming those maps, I'm...
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    RMMV Pluto

    This looks really cool! Don't let other people's opinions get ya down. I think your title screen and the map of the woods look really great (those woods are soooo atmospheric). I love the colors you've chosen, and really like the premise of the game. I'm excited to see where this goes!
  3. hppyniss

    RMMV Deleted

    Wow, this continues to look awesome. I am VERY into the needs system (this is a crazy effective way to pull me into a game for hours and hours...*ahem* thanks, Sims....)
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    RMMV Witch of Yagserra [working title]

    @fizzly Thanks for taking a look! I should have explained a bit about the battle scenes: those icons are base runes that can be mixed together (up to 5 of them) to create new spells...think Magicka, if you've ever played that! (This is an awesome plugin from @mjshi, for those of you who are...
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    RMMV Witch of Yagserra [working title]

    UPDATED on 2/13 with re-tiled Yagserra maps. I just noticed that one of the plants in the common room got cut off here -- time to head back into Photoshop to correct it! I've been putting of database work in favor of aesthetic stuff. I worked on a handful of new Yagserra maps today. I'm really...
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    Clipping issue for the Ancient Dungeons Tileset?

    Thanks @Celianna! Totally makes sense.
  7. hppyniss

    Clipping issue for the Ancient Dungeons Tileset?

    Thanks, @mlogan! I'm mostly using this tilesheet in parallax maps in MV (which is why I have my photoshop grid set to 48x48), but may switch to VXAce eventually. I can see, now, how some of the pieces along the bottom of the tilesheet should fit together. We can totally close this thread out...
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    Clipping issue for the Ancient Dungeons Tileset?

    Hi @Celianna -- I absolutely adore your Ancient Dungeons base set, and finally had enough in my budget to pick it up at the RPG Maker Web store. However, it looks like a bunch of the image files have been cut off. I have re-downloaded my order a few times, and this happens each time. I'm...
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    Game_Stailer94´s Quest System

    @game_stailer94 Yay you rock! Thanks for considering the pinned/tracked quest feature. Looking forward to it :)
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    RMMV Numina - Alphaversion & Wishlist on STEAM now!

    Agreed! I love your maps :) I'll grab the demo as soon as I'm back to my computer. @Dust By the way, were the sprites made in Spriter Pro? I'm working on replacing the MV default chibis in my game, and the sprites I'm making in Spriter Pro look really similar! Beautiful work!
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    RMMV Deleted

    This looks very cool. I'm definitely going to keep an eye on this. You have a grrrreat aesthetic here, so I can't wait to see screenshots!
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    RMMV Witch of Yagserra [working title]

    "X meets Y" quick pitch: The Harry Potter series meets Studio Ghibli. Synopsis: Esme Green is a young witch-in-training who is beginning her first year at the magical school, Yagserra. The game begins in her cozy forest village and expands to new villages, forests, coasts, and cities as...
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    Game_Stailer94´s Quest System

    @game_stailer94 Woohoo! So, I found another quest journal that has this "track quest" feature, but it's missing quite a bit of the core functionality that I love in your quest journal. I would be more than happy to tip ya via ******* (or something) if you'd be willing to add this to your quest...
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    Game & Map Screenshots 8

    @MasterTaffer I really like the size of that map. I'm going to be mapping a large castle soon (think Hogwarts-esque scope) and I've been looking for examples of well mapped, large interiors. Yours feels appropriately large without tons of empty space! Bravo!  Wanted to share a sampling of...
  15. hppyniss

    Gloaming Woods - a Surreal/Fairytale Adventure

    @Seerfree Loving the atmosphere and illustrations! I'll definitely keep an eye on this -- really looking forward to seeing the final project! 

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