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  • I know this was months ago, but I don't completely understand the lunatic states program (how you set it up). I just want to apply a stone state (and death) to a character after x amount of time. Can you show me an example of how to set it up?
    @zachb Please do not use the status feed to ask support questions, as it's against the rules. Also, Human_Male hasn't been online in months, so it's unlikely he'd be able to help you. Make a thread asking your question instead.
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Well it's been almost a whole year since I joined RMW, so i figured I should update my status.
This is my updated status.
Here's a sample of some pixel edits I made.

Maybe for use as sidewalks.
If there are any mods or admins online, could you please see about the re-translation pages for RPG Maker MV? They are all down :rsad:
Werewolf cons: you lose control of yourself once a month and could accidentally kill your friends. Vampire cons: no garlic bread. The choice is simple. Werewolf for sure.
2 huge market drops in 2 days. So glad I sold my non-dividend stocks about 2 weeks ago. And if the dividend ones drop heavily, hey more cheap stocks for me!

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