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  1. RMMZ How can i move up the actor command window in battle?

    Nothing happened. It stayed where it was. But when i change the "y" to "x" it works and moves left.
  2. RMMZ How can i move up the actor command window in battle?

    Hy Everyone! I'm trying to move up a little bit the actor command window but don't know where or how to do it. (I'm using VisuStella Battle core btw.)
  3. RMMZ How to increase the Actor Command Window size?

    Awsome!! Ty, ty, ty, TY!! :)
  4. RMMZ How to increase the Actor Command Window size?

    I'm using the default Battle style, and the Command lines parameter is for the XP style layout.
  5. RMMZ How to increase the Actor Command Window size?

    Hy Everyone! I want to increase the size (hight) of the Actor command window in battle but can't find where. I want 5 or 6 rows not 4. (I'm using VisuStella Battle Core btw).
  6. How to change "Miss" text in battle

    You are my hero!! Ty :)
  7. How to change "Miss" text in battle

    I turned off every plugin and changed the No Hit text in the databse but...
  8. How to change "Miss" text in battle

    Hy Everyone! I'm using MZ and can not find how or where to change the "Miss" text (or picture) in battle. I know in MV it's in the img/system/damage.png file but in MZ i can't find it.
  9. RMMZ Moving status window actor

    Hello Everyone! I'm making a single actor project and trying to move my actors status window image right next to the command window. I'm using VisuStella Battle Core plugin and i can move the hp, mp, tp bars but not the actor image. (or as an alternative solution: how to remove/hide completle...
  10. RMMZ VisuStella Main Menu Core -- how to remove darker part in status window?

    Hello Everyone! I'm using VisuStella Main Menu Core (solo style) and can't figure it out how to remove that darker part of the status window. Anyone can help me? (bonus question: how can i move the Lvl above his head?)

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