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Definitely leaning on the "try to" part of the status feed rule and I really try not to sad post, but not only is my kitty Simone more or less confirmed to have IBD... but she has some pulmonary edema and a slightly enlarged heart. They say everything is early and mild and that I'm very diligent and observant about my pets but iunno...doesn't feel like a win right now.

So it turns out music is fun to make????
A lil concept for a prison level. It's intentional that the chords and sound is the same from the previous concept I posted cause it's related to a certain character... What do u think?
I was wondering if I should ask the question
"Who Is Dalph?"
But I met him pretty fast and his answer was extremely helpful. So yeah. That probably answers it.
So in hindsight, I could have made a double-post in this category instead of setting up a post on a different site and figuring out how to share and then linking...

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