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  • I'm moving on from RMXP finally. I've been stuck in a difficult decision between XP and MZ, and I've given up and moved on to MZ. Overall I'm really liking it, I wish tilesets were easier to setup like XP, but it's actually not that bad!
    You're moving on from XP, and here I am, bringing its tilesets kicking and screaming into modernity, haha. You'll get used to the tilesets - it becomes much easier to mix and match while still being somewhat optimized. I still remember the "all tiles in one tileset" monstrosities.
    And here I am never planning on moving completely on. Sure I'll do some projects on MZ, but I also still ahve a lot planned on XP :wub
    I feel like for smaller projects I'll still use XP, it's my favorite thing ever it's like the MS Paint to RPGMaker, where RPGMaker MV is Paint 3D and RPGMaker MZ is Photoshop. It's helped me understand the engine the most and has been the fastest to use, but for the game I'm working on I've been constantly having to do a ton of work-arounds, often with unavoidable lag.
    When there's a huge bug that you've had trouble with for hours and right when you're about to ask for help it fixes itself...
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Anyone here is familiar with the US Law ? I'm working on a game idea at the moment and I have several questions on my mind :p
I just lost an hour plus of time to trying to modify the _battlefield sprite... when in reality MZ calls it _battleField ;_;

Even when debugging for the "undefined value", it looked exactly the same to my 20/60 eyesight.

I really prefer this_naming_convention rather than thisNamingConvention !!
hmm... I just solved one of the more annoying sideview battler problems in MV.. Passive States and Visual States can make it so when your character is in crisis HP, they don't go back to normal walk/wait when it's their turn. they stay in the crisis motion... neat.
Apparently all of LGBT reddit hates me. I posted a simple question and only got hate mail. What's the deal? The doompost was literally 6 months ago and I've changed my views since then and apologized.
MOD NOTE: See second response before replying to this. - Wavelength
Amazing. Simply amazing...

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