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    Instant Map Scroll?

    Thank you so much! This worked, and it's looking good! Well I would've honestly liked it to mess up, since my game is supposed to be glitched, but oddly enough I set the speed to 15 and nothing bad happened. It was just an instant shoot across the screen, so it worked out! :D
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    Instant Map Scroll?

    I need help making the map scroll instantly, almost like a skip. I've set the map to scroll up as fast as it can, but I need something more instantaneous. Is this easy? Did I miss a block that can do this?... Or would i have to code it in?
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    Directional Light Soruce(FlashLight)

    Glad I could help :D
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    Directional Light Soruce(FlashLight)

    That's because you only have 2 if functions. You need 1 for each direction the character faces, which in most cases is 4. As shown above. So if you have 4 directions, then you're going to use 4 if statements, increasing the variable number for direction by 2 each time. You could also be doing...
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    I need to know how to get my game out there...

    @bgillisp I had no idea you could @ people here, sorry haha... I don't usually post on these forums, but thank you for managing my post for me. :) And ok, I suppose I'll just focus on the game right now. Thank you for the tips, it really helped me understand what I should do right now.
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    I need to know how to get my game out there...

    No, it's still in development currently. Do you think I should wait until I finish the game to get a cult following? Oh, I still update the game a bit... It doesn't seem to help much, though. Oh, I don't know why I didn't think of that lol thank you though. How do I enter a review trade...
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    I need to know how to get my game out there...

    So, I'm making a game with RPG Maker VX Ace called The_Glitch, and I posted it in the "in development" section of the forums about a year ago... The game's come far, but those followers that I had at the beginning are gone, and there obviously aren't going to be any newcomers to a game that's...
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    I've been gone for almost a year working on the glitch, but I'm finally proud to present: The...

    I've been gone for almost a year working on the glitch, but I'm finally proud to present: The Glitch V0.3! Go ahead and check it out! :D
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    Directional Light Soruce(FlashLight)

    I only had two issues, but those were my own idiotic faults... The first issue was me setting it to map X & Y instead of screen X & Y, and then just not setting it to parallel process... Other than that, I think that this is pretty basic in itself, but you can definitely expand off of this to...
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    Flashlight not working in horror game?

    So, I've set up a flashlight in my horror game called The Glitch, and it's working pretty well... Except for just one problem that I'm having which is getting pretty annoying... I've set up conditional branches to run else if statements and determine the players x, y, and direction... The...
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    Directional Light Soruce(FlashLight)

    This helped out a lot, thanks!
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    The new demo to my game is out! Be sure to check it out sometime!

    The new demo to my game is out! Be sure to check it out sometime!
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    Changing the font?

    Nvm... It actually worked this time? Thanks lol Although, the font doesn't change until you open some sort of menu, so since it's a battle, I just force a save.
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    Changing the font?

    Actually I've already tried a similar script, it just restarts the entire game with ALL the text being in wingdings. Title and buttons included /: It even has a weird effect where the room you were in previously is now elapsed under the first room when you click new game... Got some... Weird...
  15. hypershadic11

    Changing the font?

    I want to change the font for my game, for only a SINGLE line of text to wingdings. Can I get a script or some advice on how to do this? The main script of the game keeps the text at a default "Arial" font, and changing that would change the entire game's font, so I want a line of script to...

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