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The flight sim I've bought has some amazing priorities.
If I land with one wheel slightly off the runway, but it's an otherwise fine landing, it doesn't count. But if I touch down on the runway so hard it makes me bounce back into the air and crash in the next 10 seconds, it's a successful landing.
Mike Final Breaker.png
that time I drew Mike doing Hugo from Street Fighter 3's Shootdown Backbreaker...
So I was thinking about putting in Weapon Synthesis like the Cooking system I got going but after all these recipes I've been putting in the item log and common events for the past week and a half I'ma say no on that one chief

those shops and chests are working just fine lmao
Just watched Godzilla Minus One.
As a Godzilla fan, I loved it. Acting was a little rough, and I thought the ending was cheap, but overall, great!
Could have used more plot.
Plot. I demand more fanservice!

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