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  • If only I wouldn't suck when it comes to drawing... ;-;
    Because I have do have plenty of work... ~.~ But I actually think I've figured out a workaround to my misery - at least when it comes to facesets and sprites.
    Probotector 200X
    Probotector 200X
    I've been drawing for a LONG time, and I draw at least one picture a day, and I've gotten compliments from several people on my art...and I still think I suck at drawing.
    i know the pain mike, i seriously know it ..
    If I'd make 500x500 Tile maps, with a average amount of Events... would the Game become demanding in terms of Hardware requirements or still run on every toaster? :p
    You start to notice performance issue when you have more than 40 events on a map.

    70+ events and you will drop in FPS and lag upon first entry to the map.

    My suggestion: don't make large maps with lots of events. Use the script that removes map transition to make it 'smooth and seamless'.
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JRPG TextBox HTML - Part 2:
So I'm resuming work on the Shadowstar Trilogy. I've decided that it will take place between the end of G4 and the start of G5, and two of the Lost Rulers will be Twilight Sparkle and Sunset Shimmer (who is the moon princess in my AU).
Been working on some sprites, My favorite out of all of them is this guy, his name is Moss:
anyone else 'round here gonna be doing the retro game jam that's starting in a few days on
I also wanted to say that my bro brought back nostalgia and got me a GBA SP for my birthday! Ah, the memories of Pokémon Sapphire and LeafGreen! It came in a gray shell but he ordered a red one so it'd look like the one I had as a kid. It looks brand new!

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