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    Wheel of Fortune Attack/Skill

    I found another solution: If I make duplicate skills of the original state changes and switch the target from "all enemies" to "all allies", then there's still a 50/50 chance of either party being chosen to have the state placed upon them. So I can use that as well to make the skill still work...
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    Damage Per Hit/Stat Increase Skill

    I want to make a skill/state change where when it is activated one of the player's stats increases for every time they are struck by an attack (This is dissimilar to the attack Bide from Pokemon, where the player stores damage and then releases it back at the enemy). An example of this would be...
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    Wheel of Fortune Attack/Skill

    A player's to use this ability, and they don't know any of the skills. I did mess up on the character ID I think, and now that it's fixed the spell is now properly administering its effects like it should. The only problem I see now is that it seems to only be effecting the enemy, not either...
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    Wheel of Fortune Attack/Skill

    Ahhh, right right. That makes sense then. I'm wondering what I'm doing wrong then, because when I attempted to build the skill like you described and I tested it out it would only say "There was no effect" or something to that extent every time I used the skill.
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    Wheel of Fortune Attack/Skill

    So from what I'm understanding this will help with the random status generation, but how will I be able to use this to have either side's entire party selected in order to inflict the damage? From what I see I can only choose either one side or the other when creating the skill, not have both as...
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    Wheel of Fortune Attack/Skill

    I want to make a skill for my game that works similar to the Fortune Arcana boss's ability in Persona 3: when the skill is activated, it randomly picks either the enemy's entire team or the player's entire team and it inflicts a random effect to each player on that side of the field. This...

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