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    RMMV Dunsa's Prophecy

    I like the animations and the little icons on the top of the screen! :)
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    Why won't my C tile objects show up in my game? [Solved]

    Yeah but it says that about player characters too but I found out you can make player character sheets bigger than what the help file says they should be. My MC is 52 pixels tall and I've tested a 70 pixel characters and that worked too.
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    Why won't my C tile objects show up in my game? [Solved]

    Edit: Nevermind! I figured it out, I just had to resize my image. Its really lame it doesn't tell you that the image size has to be perfect to show up in the game but still shows the image in the maker though... I'm making a game where there is a tree in a desert. I can see it is placed in my...
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    My plugin manager is full at 27 plugins and I can’t add anymore.

    Just scroll down, I thought I ran out of space too but after the firs 27, it will only show 1 empty spot at a time and the scroll bar won't appear until you put in 28. I'm at 30+ now.
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    Felskis AutoSave Plugin

    Can somebody tell me how to add the notification prompt when the game auto saves? ThePedro004 said they used a common event to achieve this but I can't figure out how. The plugin says it saves when you either change your map or close the menu but these don't seem to be options in the...
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    Damaged Battle Sprites Plugin (MV)

    Thanks for making this!
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    Battle Hud Question!

    Thank you! That looks great. If I can get it to work I am in love with that front view battle system he showed off.
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    Currently Developing: Disjointed Doll - A Dreamscape RPG

    Currently Developing: Disjointed Doll - A Dreamscape RPG
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    Battle Hud Question!

    Is there a plugin that shows faces for battlers but will adjust the width depending on the number of people in your party? I'd like to have faces showing during vs just the bars but for most of the game my project will only have 2 people on the party with 2 parts there are 3 so that would mean...

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