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  1. Would an RPG maker video game store work?

    Mabye you are right with the "But I don't think you'd be able to replicate your Minecraft income with such venture." the cool thing about Minecraft is that it is so mainstream already that it is easy to promote. And people buy items on a regular basis because they spend it on the sever economy...
  2. Would an RPG maker video game store work?

    I tried to publish a game I made (not using RM) on steam. It was never accepted, besides if you sell on steam you have to sell really low because people will compare it to thousands of other games from small publishers (basically you face the same problem you face when trying to sell something...
  3. Would an RPG maker video game store work?

    Does your 14 year old kid makes a monthly 4 - 5 figure income by running his server? If not then we are not on the same league and you should not even mention him... Running a pro Minecraft server requires a LOT more technical skills than creating RM games. If you really want something neat...
  4. Would an RPG maker video game store work?

    The statement "not hard to set up SEO" makes me wonder, do you even know what SEO means? You cant just "set up SEO" And unlike most people arround here I do make a living from the internet. I have been a freelance webmaster for over 5 years so no, I would not "be starting from scratch". Just...
  5. Would an RPG maker video game store work?

    Hello everyone, I am a web designer and I love video games. Specially RPGs and MMORPGs. So I had this idea, I am aware that it is legal to sell RPG maker games as long as you bought the software and all the assents are not copyrighted by someone else. I read a few threads about selling RPG...

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Today I drove through my city of 100,000+ people during rush hour and the streets were nearly empty. Just so I could go get my favorite burger. There a dental assistant (she said that's her other job, even though I didn't ask) took my order and handed me a burger. I know it's bad out there... But wow, she's either atrocious with her money, or "it really be like that".
Chilling out while toodling around someone's painstaking Minecraft recreation of Disneyland. It is mind-boggling and probably as close as I'll ever be to going.
>Testing with fonts change.
>Tries installing a plugin. Doesn't work.
>Tries changing the plugin commands. Doesn't work.
>Tries installing another plugin. Doesn't work.
>Changes a few more plugin commands. Doesn't work.
>Goes directly to the gamefont file and changes the src. Works.


Perseverance is key, bois and girls.
What Reviews say on RPG Maker MZ?
Looking back at some sketches, and game design documents on my PC dated summer of 2015. I started development with the release of MZ, but in 2015, I felt a strong desire to make a game out of the blue. I remember feeling sad for no apparent reason, and all these ideas rushed into my head. Now that I think about it, since that day, everything has become easier to do on my PC . . . it’s very creepy.

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