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  • Playing around with Mog Hunter's Battle HUD plugin and it has been a mess. Trying to configure everything, including the bars, the positions... 
    I feel your pain, took me ages to sort some of mog hunters scripts out as it was all in another language!
    Really need a new laptop or computer in which it wont overheat, wont lag too much, and have the criteria for what I want. I can ask one of two of my friends to build me one, but I need a budget to give to them if I want a good computer.
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I've been working on plugins to make it easier to incorporate Persona 3's Once More batsys into MV games. One makes it so you can have states automatically applied to the target and/or user when their hit crits or targets a weakness... I could use testers for it, though. Maybe I'll make a thread in the JS Plugins In Development board about it?
Whenever I'm feeling down I like to watch Bardic Inspiration by Deerstalker Pictures
on youtube. Because 'my mockery is Vicious.' It's funny and catchy like the flu.
Knew this hurricane was coming for me, because it got my name on it! See you humans and non-humans in a few days if not a few weeks. Now go work on yo games!
New enemy finished today... Century Owl.
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