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  • Playing around with Mog Hunter's Battle HUD plugin and it has been a mess. Trying to configure everything, including the bars, the positions... 
    I feel your pain, took me ages to sort some of mog hunters scripts out as it was all in another language!
    Really need a new laptop or computer in which it wont overheat, wont lag too much, and have the criteria for what I want. I can ask one of two of my friends to build me one, but I need a budget to give to them if I want a good computer.
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I'm moving on from RMXP finally. I've been stuck in a difficult decision between XP and MZ, and I've given up and moved on to MZ. Overall I'm really liking it, I wish tilesets were easier to setup like XP, but it's actually not that bad!
Have you ever gone full 'Ship of Theseus' while frankenspriting? Because I just did.
I saw my new eye doctor today, he reminds me of Satoru Iwata for some reason
I've been using a modified version of a script called Multiple Messages. It makes my text boxes look like a Mario & Luigi game! There is something about it that bothers me a little bit, but I shouldn't worry about that now.

Side note, Mist's walking animation is almost perfectly in sync with Loose Yourself by Eminem.
Starting work on some stuff for the community. Hopefully it will be fun, and useful to somebody.

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