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  • Playing around with Mog Hunter's Battle HUD plugin and it has been a mess. Trying to configure everything, including the bars, the positions... 
    I feel your pain, took me ages to sort some of mog hunters scripts out as it was all in another language!
    Really need a new laptop or computer in which it wont overheat, wont lag too much, and have the criteria for what I want. I can ask one of two of my friends to build me one, but I need a budget to give to them if I want a good computer.
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Quexp wrote on Shaz's profile.
I absolutely love your profile/pic! :kaoluv:
Stream will be live shortly with some Darkest Dungeon! Feel free to drop by!
I made a battle results screen for my minigame.. any feedback? :)
Things I thought would never happen but just did: I needed to use my snow shovel. In August. In the Northern Hemisphere.
So I finished Cupcake, now I need to figure out my next project!
Do I pick up one of my incomplete games?
Do I start something entirely new???
The possibilities are endless!

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