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    How to memorize a party?

    So your question is, how can you remember all the party members at a particular time and then restore them after the battle. Seeing as javascript doesn't have private members, you can actually just store the `$gameParty.actors` (which are cleanly serializable since it's just their ids) So the...
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    f.write(0xEF.chr) What is 0xEF?

    That would a byte order mark,
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    Need some support with notetags

    class RPG::Actor  def initial_mp    @note =~ /<initial_mp:\s+(\d+)>/ ? $1 : 4   endend class Game_Actor  def init_mp    actor.initial_mp  endend
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    Ruby arrays can be indexed backwards

    Well Ruby has a lot of sugar in it (beware diabetics) As Tsukihime mentioned, you can index an Array backwards. array = [1, 2, 3]array[-1] # => 3# same as using Enumerable#lastarray.last #=> 3It is encouraged to use array.last instead of array[-1] for reading clarity.Array's may also be...
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    Switching language in module Vocab

    >_< FINE HAZ IT YOUR WAY *storms off, leaving a bit of code behind* module Vocab class << self def const_missing(sym) if respond_to?(sym) send(sym) else super(sym) end end def MyConst "Hello World" end endendp Vocab::MyConst module Vocab MyConst...
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    Switching language in module Vocab

    Just overwrite everything (its what I do, and I'm more productive that way) Sometimes you gotta break stuff to make it better, like a few bones and few noses when things won't go your way. Its even better ifs its just your project as well (you can get away by breaking as much compatability...
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    Switching language in module Vocab

    Ah *facepalms*, I forgot it only works with downcased method names :P just use Theo.TestConst or Theo.test_method Module::method_name, is uncommon in ruby (as in, not practiced)
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    Switching language in module Vocab

    You can cheat. module Vocab constants.each(&:remove_const) def self.ConstName "Stuff" endend ruby allows ::method_name calls as well.
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    Switching language in module Vocab

    5 cents: (copy and pasted) ## kode-xchange/lib/core/locale.rb# by IceDragonclass Locale ## # @return [String] name of this Locale attr_reader :name ## # @param [String] name def initialize(name) @name = name @data = end ## # @param [String] locname # @return [String]...
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    Simple Monkey Patching

    Could be done by adding a third option for patch-ing (aka chaining) Right, just make it the second arg. patch :method_name, :chain do |result_from_original_method| do_stuffendUpdate:I feel I've hijacked this thread... :x
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    Simple Monkey Patching

    Nice idea, I like, However a few problems: 1. Don't use global variables to store context sensitive functions. 2. there is a chance (1 out 9998) that you will alias an already aliased functions (resulting in that rather scary SystemStackError) if you end up calling it 3. You can shorten this...
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    Icy's Modern/Futuristic Tiles

    Anyone wanted a zip/rar file? IMFT Resources Just read the README in the zip file for more information. *bows*
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    Simple Item Menu

    yeah, I kinda removed that to match the screenshot you provided, sowwy? I've commented out the code, try it now.
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    Simple Item Menu

    I was just looking over the code myself, I made a small mistake on the #on_item_cancel :) I've fixed it now.
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    Simple Item Menu

    Herp Derp, I know its lazy, but it gets the job done right? ## IEK/lib/simple_item_window.rb# dc 16/11/2013# dm 16/11/2013# by IceDragon# As requested by Quigon, a simple Item Menu.# jump to the '### EDITING STARTS HERE' to change the window's position, and# sizeclass Scene_Item <...

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