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  1. whtdragon's Joke Weapons (now with regular weapons too!)

    Thanks for getting back to me! I checked on youtube for a while and found someone that explained it. I wasn't understanding that the images were able to just replace them haha
  2. whtdragon's Joke Weapons (now with regular weapons too!)

    Hey! Your work looks incredible! I'm new to rpg maker, and I am wondering how to actually split up the images to make them usable. All the weapon types are grouped together, instead of being in the three frame format. I apologize for my ignorance ahead of time!
  3. RMMV Can't load battle test. First time MV user.

    Yeah. it's probably significantly faster to just start over. I know that. I just started with it like two hours before starting this thread. It's just annoying that I did all that work for no reason when I could have spent it learning something useful. Oh well, live and learn I guess. At least...
  4. RMMV Can't load battle test. First time MV user.

    Ok, i didn't realize they yanfly had contradictory plugins. That was my mistake then. I thought since they were a collection they would all integrate. I noticed some that looked like they wouldn't work together, but I just assumed it would give me like an option menu or something. I'll slow...
  5. RMMV Can't load battle test. First time MV user.

    *sighs* Ok. I REALLY don't want to have to uninstall them all. It took like an hour to install them all... Can I just turn them off one by one?
  6. RMMV Can't load battle test. First time MV user.

    No. I haven't configured anything. That's probably it. Any quick resources I can use to tell what needs to be configured? Thanks!
  7. RMMV Can't load battle test. First time MV user.

    Will do. Sorry, it's my first post here ever. What is a note tag. and is there a way to tell which skill id? Thanks again!
  8. RMMV Can't load battle test. First time MV user.

    Hey guys, I am new to rpg maker MV and I have downloaded the full suite of Yanfly's plugins. I ordered everything in the plugin line up EXACTLY as shown on Yanfly's website, but I can't test any battles now because it is saying I have a bug. I don't know any Java whatsoever, so I was hoping...

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