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  1. Black Rose (Subject to Change)

    Black Rose is designed mainly to be a mobile game on the android, however there are exports for PC and browser based. It is a time-killer rogue-like dungeon game where your goal is to see how far you can get, what you can unlock, what you can achieve before dying. You are able to purchase...
  2. Ultimate Stat Distribution Script Updated 1.2

    I am having issues...I have the tags on the actor, when I allocate points the stat being affected becomes NaN, and I crash when trying to open the menu....Any ideas why?
  3. DMV Map Buttons

    I am a little confused...I read through all the posts here and I am having a basic issue. I have a button open up the main menu or any menu, however it is annoyingly difficult for a mobile user to exit that screen...Is there any way to make a button to exit the screen that i go into?
  4. Pickboard - Lotto Type Item Picking

    I have an issue when this runs on an android...the game crashes and says it can't find the pictures, however the same exact version on the PC works just fine. Any help with that?

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