I have 2900+ hours dedicated into MV as of October 2018. I'm still a learner in many areas of the program, but I'm training myself in each program group as time goes on. The last big one is learning how to do good SV battle animations using the action plugins from Yanfly. I'm currently working on a fairly large game project called Incognito Cat-Girl Battle Machines. (ICBM) and it is a modern sci-fi era game with lots of battles in classic places like hidden labs, missle silos, onboard aircraft carriers, etc. I have a bunch of short YouTube vids with parts of my game being played.
Nov 24, 1973 (Age: 47)
About Me
Just a regular guy who can't stop thinking about game ideas for MV.
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Video Game Design, Risk Board Game, Lego, Mega Man, Camping, Woodworking, Cats.
Parts Salesperson


Sleep is highly overrated.


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