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    Top 8 Theme: Elemental Dungeon! Deadline: 11:59 Pacific, 4/19

    Congratulations @slimmmeiske2 - It was a pleasure to complete against you in the map tournament. Hope you do well in the dungeon round. Bets of luck to the other map makers as well.
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    Map Madness Tournament Top 8 Polls Open!

    I will be interested in the feedback afterwards as well. A lot of good maps. I agree with a previous comment that you can see the next level of effort put into these entries.
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    Before you lower footsteps make sure they can be heard if there is background music too. If you...

    Before you lower footsteps make sure they can be heard if there is background music too. If you add options player can always adjust sound effects quieter themselves. Animation looks good! In addition adding an impact grunt or thud would be good.
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    Round 1 Theme: Home Town! Deadline: 11:59 Pacific, 4/12

    Use windows screenshot on a playtest of your game and then import that screenshot into an art program (I use GIMP but I don't know what you have available to you.)
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    Nice artwork as usual!

    Nice artwork as usual!
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    Round 1 Theme: Home Town! Deadline: 11:59 Pacific, 4/12

    Personally I think it distracts from the creativity time and effort put into the map, but I guess an empty town might give a wrong vibe/feeling in some cases. I think the idea is not to create a scenario, but a map so if too much action gets added that might muddle the judging a bit.
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    Map Madness Qualifiers, Entry 7 Poll (IguanaGuy)

    Thanks for your kind votes. I hope I can inspire more people in the next round of map making. Not sure of the next theme but I think I'm ready for Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Modern or whatever they throw at us. Regardless of the outcome this is a lot of fun.
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    Map Madness Tournament Announcement/Rules!

    I thought the map was kind of neat. A different entry than most for sure! I can imagine the demon lord of candy land residing here perhaps? I know I'm not hiddenone, but I thought I would suggest a couple of things. Maybe make the path to the castle more narrow to add more moat zone and then...
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    Map Madness Tournament Announcement/Rules!

    Your map looked pretty good for the space allowed. You used the corners and edges to continue the terrain which is something I try for. (Example - partial trees indicating the forest continues outside of the view, paths leading off the map...) If we are talking in terms of the contest I would...
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    Map Madness Tournament Announcement/Rules!

    Thanks for the compliment. The idea behind my maps is just that. I add in areas like that to prompt the player to search around for hidden areas and all. I would use the same principle in forests and caves too. It is a balance between too much clutter and just enough sometimes (and that can...
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    Map Madness Tournament Announcement/Rules!

    I wouldn't rate my own maps a "10" unless I really felt like I used the tile sets to their full potential. I agree with Gabo about the "shyness" but perhaps as the contest continues we will see some new methods appear when the theme is selected by the contest.
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    Map Madness Tournament Announcement/Rules!

    Looks like something fun and possibly a great challenge for those who make it to the next level of competition. Can't wait to see what variety of maps starts this competition off. I'm sure to get lots of good ideas from them.
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    Let's Make a Scene Contest: ♡Heart Edition♡ Winners

    Big shout out to all the participants and I also loved the 1st place winner submission. Also Kenwrath's submission makes me realize how much adding voice tracks to a dialog can really bring it up a level. I might need to make a budget to hire some voice actors now. :eswt: I was happy and...
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    Announcement RPG Maker 31st Birthday: Release Something Event

    I'm still geared up from doing the Valentine Cutscene event so I think I'll keep the momentum going and do something for this too. Maybe along the line of a "Shooting Gallery" and "Find It" game system.
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    Anybody have some generic rock golem sprites or pics to share?

    Not sure about any free ones out there, but just so you know - The FES Resource Pack has a whole lot of walking sprites for various monsters including rock golem types. The abundance of monster walk sprites in the pack was why I purchased it in the first place.

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