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  • It's something I would like to find out , I can't imagine it's an issue as few years ago it was distributed everywhere
    Doesn't always make it legal. Pokeman games have been distributed everyone until Nintendo C and D'd all of them as they were illegal. That's why we are not sure if those can be sent.

    I think Celiana still has a website of the ones that can be distributed, maybe look for that?
    Hello, could you send me think link private please for me to have a look at? thanks for helping!
    Don't, since knowingly sharing rips is a ban-able offense. Besides that, the link didn't actually include credits so even if you did get the link you wouldn't be able to use any images safely anyways.
    I am not after any rips, just the trees made Celianna, I wont use them in game unless I have permission or know where I can buy them
    But can those trees be distributed? If not they still can't send them to you.
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Has anyone ever wanted to choose how they play? I've been working on Black Moon, a project where you can fight against ancient beasts by commanding an army of former gods and goddesses. But what makes it different is that there are different ways to give your choice heroes either Red, Green, or Blue weapons/armor, and each grants different abilities. More coming soon!
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Thinking of getting a mechanical keyboard, eventually! Would anyone be interested in a chill keycap-painting stream?
Walked through the rain to take pictures of an 50+ year old printing press for my students. Hope they will honor that effort xD

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