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  • Can I beg for some feedback on my project, please? I've submitted it a while ago so when it got approved the post appeared quite far down on the list. I'm scared to bump it myself because of what the evil admins might do to me.
    Honest opinion please: Am I right to call people out on their clearly broken "commercial" games or is that their liberty I have no business with?
    Depends. If it is in early development, pointing out the bugs can help. For example, I didn't know you could break my game until someone decided to ignore the plot and just wandered around before they were supposed to. But, just ripping an early development game helps no one and is likely to be ignored

    That being said, if it is a finished game, and it is clearly broken or a quick cash grab, I'd say all bets are off
    I'm assuming the game is released and you've paid for it. Most developers would want to know about bugs. If "clearly broken" means there's a bug that prevents you and everyone else from finishing it, then it shouldn't have been released - might be a case of a last-minute change during beta testing that introduced an unexpected bug. But if you're just doing stuff out of the norm and came across a serious issue, the developer may not even know about it.
    It's not good to say you're going to "call them out" on it though - that implies that they've knowingly done this, and you're up for a confrontation. There's no need for an attitude like that. You just need to let them know you've found a problem - they may or may not be aware of it. They may or may not fix it (thinking if it's an older game). But most of them will appreciate you letting them know - IF you do it without attitude :)
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um... why didn't anyone tell how easy it is to add motions to Sideview battlers? I literally copied the last one, changed the name and index, said where it should play, and boom... I've got intro motions.
Lately when I listen to 1970s songs, I always think that the "real world" is still at mid 70s. What we experience now is a futuristic dream. With this point of view, even 80s and 90s looks super futuristic. :D

The GIF of this seemed too cool to bury in replies. :LZSwink:
You may have slept with my aunt... but, given the circumstances, cheers.

- Professor Ian Duncan, 2013

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