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    I have some good news... I am releasing a new game. The title and information about it is a...

    I have some good news... I am releasing a new game. The title and information about it is a secret! I will start to reveal information later in the month. All I know is that I hope that this is going to be my BIGGEST release ever!
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    I Finally got VX Ace working!!!

    I Finally got VX Ace working!!!
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    Scrippet needed for Equip Window

    Okay thank you so much! I actually forgot about this account that I made last summer... The other account I made just this morning was just a new cuz I forgot about this one... But thank you for not suspending this one!
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    Scrippet needed for Equip Window

    Shaz's Method works for me :P Thats what I do for scrippets
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    How I easily make my games...

    Yeah... Just do what helps you the most! That is what makes your way to great game!!!
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    How I easily make my games...

    Well, i would... But I made this to suit outside of the actual project!
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    How I easily make my games...

    Hey Everyone!!! I'd like to share with you all how I make my games easily, and stress free!!! Step 1: Write down ideas... Grab a notebook and a pen, get a nice cup of coffee, and sit at your desk. It's easier to do it when you first wake up when your is refreshed. Step 2: Set Goals or...
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    SBS Enemy

    Google this thing called... Character battle sprite script
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    Any Puzzle Ideas???

    I can't come up with anything... That's why i'm asking for ideas! I failed on my block puzzle... so i want new ideas for puzzles! Im so stressed about this...  >_>
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    Any Puzzle Ideas???

    I want to make puzzles for my new rpgvxace game... I tried making a block puzzle... but failed. Any Ideas?
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    uhh... I hate making puzzles

    uhh... I hate making puzzles
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    Event to Event???

    Thak you!!!
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    Event to Event???

    Im so sorry if this is annoying... im newb... But how can i check the variables and variable for the block and all that jazz... 
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    Event to Event???

    Well, i'm making a block puzzle where you have to push the block on a button... when the block hits the button, i want something to happen... But i don't know how to trigger the button using the block!!! Can anyone tell me a simple way on how to do this??? Thanks in advance
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    What are your favourite RM games?

    Mine is either Yume Nikki or Ib

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