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    Aye! nice to meet ya, my dude.
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    RMMV Pillow Hero - A top-down 16-bit puzzle game [Update v.0.5 - More levels]

    Yo i'm loving this rogue like inspired sprite work looking fire!
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    Eternal Dreamers | Battle-Focused RPG | On Steam's Early Access

    OH! I was in your stream when you was working on the game (i think) I really love the art of the characters!
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    RMVXA Records in Blue

    oh! modeled after legend of grimrock 2?
  5. inazumathelightning

    RMXP Charon - Zhetan Chronicles [Act I] | GAMEPLAY DEMO OUT NOW

    Yo I was watching hawk stream this game it looked baller AF
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    RMVX [RSE] Eremidia: An Empty Tome

    ah yes power! Loving the updates.
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    RMMV Lords of the City - Commercial

    oh using jason's modern fantasy pack? good luck my dude.
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    Long time developer but new to RPG Maker... Hi!

    Aye welcome! I'd love to see your work someday haha!
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    A coder

    A coder
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    Animated Battlers

    Ok I am currently using Yami's animated side view battler scrip for RM MV to control my battlers via a sprite sheet and noticed that I couldn't add separate weapon sprites to my battler via another spritesheet layered below the already existing one. Below is my Battle system and what I would...
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    Can we get a tutorial request subforum?

    Why not teach people some more advanced stuff like making custom menus with srd's plugins, working in dragonbones for animations, and some of the stuff others really don't go deep into. If you are really good at it you could even teach how balancing works for stats in rpg maker with stats and...
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    Inazuma's pixel workshop

    Hey, guys, I've been working on some battlers that you guys might like. Some of them are from Finalbossblues's time fantasy tileset lines so I asked "hay Jason, you mind if I put some of the battlers for your battlers out there for the people to use," and he tells me "sure inazuma you have...
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    RMMV Who do you think will make the IGMC top 10?

    Ayyye I loved moop, last boy on earth, Journey to the East and Project Absence. A lot of these people have worked hard and I'm glad to of worked in a jam with them in it.
  14. inazumathelightning

    Temporary Font change plugin?

    I think you can do that with yanfly's core engine.
  15. inazumathelightning

    good luck haha!

    good luck haha!

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