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  • Hey bro, sorry but... u resolved this?
    "Dark square above monsters with custom iconset"

    I have the same problem and I can not solve it
    Please do not use Status Updates to ask Support questions, that is not their purpose. They are meant to be much 'lighter' than that - random thoughts, odd bits of info. Please post in the relevant thread.
    I would like to buy and use some of Celianna's ressources; but I'm using MV and I don't know how it will look after resizing. 
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    I use RPG Maker DS pack resources since I bought that after I got Ace in a Humble Bundle sale a few months ago.  Some stuff will look fine, others won't when resized (A1-5 tilesets especially, I don't recommend using those, but you B-E's may work and event objects as well).
    Hum... I will think about it seriously then...
    But If the A titlesets aren't working, I don't know. Maybe I will just wait until Celianna release some specially for MV.
    The Change Tile Size plugin will let you use Ace resources without resizing them (but then you'd also need to use Ace characters and not those from MV)
    Do you think it's a good idea to use a wiki to organise your story ?
    Not personally - I hate editing wikis.
    Alexander Amnell
    Alexander Amnell
    No, I don't. There are to many good design/storyboard programs out there, and wikis are a pain.
    When my writer started work on the story for the sequel to my current game, he decided to use a wiki. It's good for keeping things organized and encapsulated and cross referencing. But I worry, when it comes time to develop, whether I might overlook any pages.

    FlameEx, he's talking about using a wiki to write the story during development, not about after release.
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I have deleted your profile post as our Rules are quite clear that you may not use them to advertise non-RM products, nor may you give a link to anything that solicits payment for you.
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Hi Tyler,

My name is Sean, I am the owner of an indie studio, and I am looking to get some paid art work done. I am working with MV, but our programmer will be heavily modifying it.

If you are interested, or would like to hear more, I can provide my personal e-mail address.

The stream will be live shortly with some more Witcher 3! Feel free to drop by~

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