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    Take 50% damage when evading

    You will need a plugin changing the evade function.
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    RMMV Noble - (Work in Progress)

    Thanks for the info !
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    RMMV Noble - (Work in Progress)

    Your project look interesting ! but it lacks of screenshots :p Which program do you use for the flow diagram ?
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    RPG Maker MV to Android Export Tool

    Same. It could be useful, but I don't want to try ^^
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    Why do people complain about games that they don't play?

    You don't have to play a game to give a feedback, especially for RM presentations of games that aren't finished. I mean, if the presentation is really bad, with bad screens, bad announced features, grammatical errors and others, people will not play the game, and will comment about what they can...
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    How can I turn on and off plugin at certain point?

    As far as I know, you can't. But often plugins have a way to disable them.
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    fire thorns effect?

    Using Yanfly's plugin, you can do this state. It's been a long time since the last JS state I made, but you definitely can.
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    Problem with Yanflys' Doodads (Base Plugin)

    Can you send me the Json file by PM ?
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    Problem with Yanflys' Doodads (Base Plugin)

    You can. The position of every doodads is in the file doodads.json in your data folder. You have to read it, understand how it's done (shouldn't be too complicated) and copy it while changing the map's ID.
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    I have a black LG phone what software do I need to play my RPG Maker MV game on it?

    The android deployment will not give you an .apk file. You will have to create it. Everything is detailled in the help file of RPG Maker, but... good luck. It's not easy.
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    Negative MP?

    Done, new version on github. Now, if you have negative mana, you're not able to use a skill that cost mana. Note that if your mana is 0, you can still use a skill that cost mana. Don't hesitate to PM me if you want some other features in the plugin. And yes, I would be happy to see some of your...
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    Negative MP?

    Nice to know it works well =) You're welcome, it wasn't so much ^^Well, I may need a game logo for my title screen soon. If you have some skills in photoshop (or other), I'm interested ^^ Maybe I will ^^ If you need, I can modify the plugin to block the player to use any spell that cost mana...
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    Negative MP?

    I was expecting this ^^ I will search. Do you use any plugin that modify the battle HUD ? Done. Try new version.
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    Negative MP?

    Oh, just found out something. Try again (download it from the same link). With event, I don't think this is possible.
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    Negative MP?

    I think you would need to create a plugin that change this : Game_BattlerBase.prototype.refresh = function() { this.stateResistSet().forEach(function(stateId) { this.eraseState(stateId); }, this); this._hp = this._hp.clamp(0, this.mhp); this._mp = this._mp.clamp(0...

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