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    RMMZ Is there a way to do this (Visustella Options)

    Add a custom line like this?
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    RMMZ Visustella inventory scrolling

    Well I tried with this: Then pressed start, then from there couldn't go up: Any clue what's happening?
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    RMMZ Visustella inventory scrolling

    I'm using all tier 1 plugins. I've noticed something in the item menu that is not very well designed imo. If you scroll down the list of items, you'll reach the bottom (logically) and if you scroll one item too far it'll take you back to the top of the list. Fair enough but the problem is...
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    RMMZ 5 playable characters with Visustella tier 1?

    Is it possible?
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    RMMZ Add a Yes/No line (tied to a switch) with visustella Options core?

    Maybe I'm wrong but... I'm not sure this answers my question. What I'd like is add an extra (custom) line to Options core: This line should have 2 options: Yes and No. Default position should be No but that doesn't really matter, if it's on Yes I can adapt. However what's important is that...
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    RMMZ Add a Yes/No line (tied to a switch) with visustella Options core?

    Title says it all. Question blablablabla: Yes/No If Yes, switch X is ON, otherwise it's OFF. How to do that?
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    Damage Formulas 101

    Thank you, saving this for future reference in case I bump into an issue. Ternary formulas look ugly but they are very compact, which is something I like. I don't like having to scroll through a long formula with a box so small it displays like 20% of it at once.
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    RMMZ Visustella Status Core to show states resistances too?

    Sorry for the double-post, but to be totally clear, I'm talking about this: Element resistances are displayed by default, which is great. But I can't understand why states aren't? This seems like such a strange design choice. If I'm missing something completely obvious, please let me know! :)
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    Damage Formulas 101

    Is this written alright? I made a skill that: * does 250 + 4*normal attack if spellcaster HP are less than 30% * does 4*normal attack if HP are less than 50% * does normal attack otherwise So it has a double condition which I'm wondering if I wrote OK. c=a.atk-b.def; a.hpRate()<0.5...
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    JavaScript questions that don't deserve their own thread

    I've seen this one but don't remember the syntax (as usual <__<), what's the script line to add a buff to a character?
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    RMMZ Which js file and which bit of code to edit to change the minimum damage?

    Bingo! This worked. Thank you everyone who tried and helped in this thread, much appreciated.
  12. Indinera

    RMMZ Which js file and which bit of code to edit to change the minimum damage?

    I tried that too, checked if visustella core and battle core had smth similar but couldn't find it. Does anything from tier 1 VS rewrites it?
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    Damage Formulas 101

    Yep. If you'd like to test if a given target has a buff (any buff), is it possible without using || 8 times?
  14. Indinera

    Damage Formulas 101

    Thanks! I suppose it needs to be isBuffAffected(x) to test a specific buff, right?

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