Yo! Thanks for the visit. I'm a 30-year old sort-of-dev, haven't been around much for a while, but I'm still alive and kicking!
I've made a few games in my time, check em out below! I also take mapping commisisons and do video streams taking the piss (usually) out of games. If you want me to stream your game or demo (and are willing to take harsh criticism) feel free to drop me a message.​

Mapping commissions! Please hire me to make your maps.
Let's Play/Try list Requests welcome (as long as you're ok with the game being *****ed at)
My youtube channel Let's Plays/Try of RM games and other stuff(Lots of cursing and horrible accents ahoy)

Completed games:
2 hour game made for the IGMC 2017

2 hour game made for the IGMC 2015
My first solo adventure, finished up in a week. Short rpg and very silly.
A 6 hour RPG, joint effort with the wondergals from Dragonfly Games.
Final Quest - A disciple's journey Short game whipped up in less than a week for a contest.
A mystery/horror text adventure.
2-4 hour Rpg.
Boss rush gameplay rpg.
Short (1-3 hours) Halloween themed Rpg.
(prequel to In Search of Dragons)
The End of the Witch of Lorven - 5 minute cutscene for a contest. First completed project.

Games in development/hiatus:
In search of freedom (on hold)
Will finish...some day >I

Forum tutorials and resources:

(Tiles) Indra's tileset closet.
(Tutorial) Mapping in five easy steps.
(Tutorial) Guide to simple tileset edits
(Support) Mapping helpdesk
About Me
Just a sweary spaniard streaming silly games and sometimes doing dev.
First Language
Primarily Uses
Gaming, Anime/Manga, Pr0n, Yaoi, Swearing




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Back in the old days, long before I was born, salted crisps - or potato chips, for you yanks - came unsalted and had a little pouch of salt to manually shake on it. Of course, things are more efficient now, but Walker's still brought back the old 'Salt 'N' Shake' style a couple years ago. Dunno why, but if I had to guess, I'd say it's because the nostalgia crowd were getting salty.
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