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  • Help me make a choice. Which one makes more sense?
    A. Range style 1.pngDiamond shape
    B.Range style 2.png Square shape
    I created a skill that can only be used if there are enemies within the player's range. When the player's range is 2, which one do you think is more appropriate to describe the range area?
    @Trihan I understand your point of view, the diamond pattern fits the script better because the diagonal distance and straight distance are different.

    Because this skill belongs to the Movement/Dash skills, I will use a diamond pattern as a range determinant because players cannot move diagonally manually here.
    But for AoE I will use a square pattern.

    Thank you so much for your help guys ^^
    Generally speaking, if the game uses taxicab movement, then it also should use taxicab distance (A). If you're using D&D circle-squares, then B obviously makes most sense. I do see the advantage of AoE square, though.
    I agree with those above. Depending on the skill and if it's a single target or AOE? Single target (A). AOE (B).
    Creating a character that gives HP Barrier for enemies. Then use his skills to steal the enemy's HP Barrier into his own.
    Passive Skill:
    Screenshot (61).png
    Active Skill to steal the HP Barrier
    Screenshot (62).png

    I think this system will make him a character who deals continuous damage while blocking the enemy's attacks.
    I'm confused about where to start to learn Javascript. Remembering my first experience learning ruby from a tutorial article on how to make Scene_Bestiary then I read and learned from other scripts. Where is my ability to learn a programming language? still trying to make the RMMZ I have useful
    @Trihan that's right, I learned it from your article. very helpful. I'm studying the Slip into Javascript you made. My only obstacle is my English ability, but I will try to understand the basic points first
    I suggest you Google "JavaScript tutorial." I like the w3schools, starting on the Statements chapter, but anything should work (and I'm sure you can find something in your native language). Trihan's series is helpful for applying JS in RPG Maker, but it presumes you understand the basic syntax.
    Screenshot (3).pngScreenshot (14).png
    Trying to make conditional passive stats on equipments. idk what it called lol

    Single character game is complicated in my opinion, every character need balance stats from attack to defense.
    I have a plan to make the demo of this project but not sure people are interest in Action Battle System
    Have you ever create something in your game and expect someone to use it in their own style?
    Like this character kinda dynamic that she can use her skill to move, attack or escape
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    Once you write a battle system plugin, that feeling would just get even stronger.
    One of the most difficult character skill in my project, Techna the mechanic girl.

    Basically player need to aim her hook skill to an obstacle in front of her, skill can be used multiply to change the direction. She will automaticly deals damage to all enemies around her
    Skill Aim feature test for ABS.

    By default, the targeting system of Falcao Pearl ABS will freeze the screen and start selecting the opponent on the screen. I modified the Targeting system so that the player can choose which areas the skill will hit and not freeze the screen to keep the game going.
    Anyone still using RMVX Ace?
    I have bought RMMV and still figuring out how Javascript works, so i spend some of my times in Ace.
    I designed my Menu Scene
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    yup, this is only temporary. I found it in my old iconset file, I'm making a new iconset
    I'd use Archer OR Hunter. Arch Hunter makes it sound like they go around looking for the bottoms of people's feet.
    Yep, still using Ace! That's what my main project is built with.
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Playing arounnd with NUUN's Battle Result as a VS Victory Aftermath alternative. Loving it so far despite the learning curve (there are a LOT of parameters)


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Who would have thought an idea like "I wanna put the character bio in the equip screen" would turn into a bunch of work and fun collaboration @Puppet Knight . Now my Equip/Character screen is the way I want it.
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With Day 4 of my advent calendar posted, it's time for y'all to choose what Day 5 will be!

We've seen Strength with our adventurers, so which DnD stat would you like to see in the next NPC: Charisma, Constitution, or Wisdom?

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