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    New here

    Welcome, glad to have you here. You have a very interesting background. Can't wait to see what awesome things you create with RPG Maker!
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    Hey all! Infinitea here.

    Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! :kaojoy:
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    Rules Ideas That Don’t Deserve Their Own Thread

    Hi, I have my final major project in College coming up and I was thinking of creating a game with RPG Maker like I did the year before. I wanted to ask if it would be possible to make a cooking game with aspects from Overcooked, Cooking Dash and a little from Hotline Miami. The core idea is...
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    Hello, I'm an artist who just got into game developing

    Hey, Really awesome artwork, the Japanese style is really beautiful. Warm welcomes.
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    New to this crazy world you call RPG making.

    Welcome SunStunBros, Just someone random saying hi and welcome :)
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    Hey all! Infinitea here.

    Hi, I'm a complete noob with forums, but I am extremely eager to engage with the community. I've had past experience with RPG Maker but I wanted to delve in more into the program and I know that being a part of this forum will help massively. - Infinitea
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    Planning my upcoming game for my College project.

    Planning my upcoming game for my College project.

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Been playing through Skies of Arcadia again, and it really makes me wanna see someone try to implement how ship battles were done in the game into RPG Maker (or really just in general).
split view of both versions of the pocket city you traverse through. there's differences like areas only being accessible in one version of Autumn Bay. or events that only happen in one or the other.
theortically if there were a developer who spied on people's game playthroughs and changed things in real time to make it harder for them, what might be said game developer's motivation?
Hi everyone! Enjoying this nice long weekend. How are you all doing? :)
I just successfully tested having events check if specific actors are in a particular party slot and then changing image to match. This will let me make scenes take into account who is in the party at the time and arrange them accordingly - this is important since I'll have extra actors beyond current party. The script used is the same from MV and is compatible with my current core plugin setup in MZ. Thank goodness.

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