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    Trying to Understand Some Quirks with Tilesets...

    Hey, you totally called it. My game's resolution is larger than the default, but is is a multiple of 48x48; when I extended that art to go to the edges of the space it fixed 100% of these issues. Thanks so much for letting me know - for some reason, I thought I needed some more space there than...
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    Trying to Understand Some Quirks with Tilesets...

    Hey, everybody. I'm developing an experimental system in MV and as such wanted to dress it up with some hand-made tilesets; I stubbed in some art and started hitting on a weird issue, though. Check this out... ...The image is mostly fine (some fixable tiling issues aside) but I have no...

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Yesterday, for my youngest sibling's birthday, we watched one of his favorite movies.
Ponyo is such a beautiful, but certainly strange, movie.
I just have to say that I prefer the majority of Studio Ghibli's works to those of Disney.
*sees work place in incoming call history* .... =www= hisssssSSSSSssss.
Please pop up a storm. Please pop up a storm.
So I tried composing a battle theme for the Linear Motion Battle System that I'm probably going to implement into my game. I really love real time combat, and I think that this theme might help give some energy to battles. Tell me what you think of it in the comments! Also, please do not use my music in your games.
My LMBS battle theme
* Me start speak in voice chat
"Lol, you're actually a girl?!"
(But I'm a guy tho... well, let's just pretend and see how long it will last)
* Years has passed... I have changed.

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