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  • Laptop broke. So whilst it's being fixed, no game updates. Also I cannot find my key for Ace. Something broke and I don't wanna repurchase it. Until my laptop is back, and I fix Ace, my MV game will be on hold. Sorry guys. DX. (My Ace game is being worked on, don't worry peeps)
    So...Im just trying to get used to MV.....And it's annoying. warned. I might angrily destroy canada
    That Bread
    That Bread
    : O Not canada! I have friends there! D:
    Inmento Riku
    Inmento Riku
    Sorry but unless MV makes me happy within 1 hour...*puts finger over red button* Canada, and myself, will be turned into a virtual/live version of RPG Maker VX Ace
    Almost done the V1.0 of the demo for TCP
    Tornado Samurai
    Tornado Samurai
    Congrats! Have fun developing your demo! :D
    Inmento Riku
    Inmento Riku
    Thanks Tornado Samurai.

    I am having fun, whilst also being aggravated.

    Creating my own faces is hard nuff work without your textures screwing up on you.
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I drew one of my chars! The man with 100 kids and a lot of love to give :kaopride:
Me: *about to stalk someone's posts*
Forum: "This member limits who may view their full profile."
Me: *bummer*
Also forum: Advanced search > Posted by ...
Starting a fly by the night dev studio. Anyone want in? Excellent working conditions with onsite lodging. LOL
OMG... I actually managed to recreate my "combat hotkeys" function in MV (eg. press 3 on the keyboard to summon an equip screen to change equipment midcombat).

And it works with Yanfly's Keyboard Config!?

I'm amazed things are working at all, to be frank.
This made me laugh, apparently YT automatically marks my streams as being about "I Wanna Be the Guy"... You know what YT? Wrong game.. but right message, I'll take it. :LZSlol:


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