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My creative interests/endeavors revolve around eldritch (Lovecraftian!) horror, post-apocalyptic scenarios, and what drives us crazy little humans.  I'm cursed with a nagging internal muse that is fairly insistent on challenging my mastery of procrastination, and keeps throwing out what I might otherwise consider some pretty good ideas.  However, thus far I've managed to dodge, more or less, some nasty hard balls, and even a few curves.  Give her this - she is VERY persistent.

And me?  Very resistant.  Still, sooner or later the muse is going to catch me unaware, and it'll all be over. My defiance will have been in vain, and I'm actually going to finish a creative project after all. Damn her.

Damn it all.

Resisting the ceaseless ramblings of my Mad Muse.
Mastering the Sacred Art of Procrastination.
Waiting for when the Stars Are Right.
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I have an idea, I am making low polygon 3D resources for a package in itch. but it occurred to me that I could export these as images and make MV / MZ compatible tilesets. What do you think of this?
I hate seeing threads where less-experienced user's ask for an opinion of their project, and the thread is full of negative feedback by others who are clearly not the target audience. I feel bad for the OP, and I hope they understand that no game can appeal to everyone. :frown:
Hm, just found out I can't use loops, yay.
I just wanna Covid to be over and I have my normal life back... Feeling so bad these days, what can I do?

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