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  • I was making a cutscene where Hero's dad got killed by the dragon but when he lose its say game over and send you to the tittle screen. How can remove game over for that cutscene
    Hey, I'm new to RPG Maker MV. Where do I download RM game for android?
    Well MV games that have been released on Android can be found in the Play store, like all other Android games. Some of them have topics on here, so maybe you can search the Completed Games subforum?
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so, ive been gone for too long when i log in and see that everything is where is shouldn't be. XD
Steam killing my eyes.. I forgot why I use it only when I have no other choice
Making a map, my brain went "Look, Mjölnir!" as I plotted out a sacrificial entrance.

Actually, it went, "Look, hammer. Wait, Thor's hammer!"
CG tile rendering, take 3: windows.
which section you guys think looks more accurate to the perspective? left or right?

for reference, this is what it looks like "at street level"
Okay, Animal Crossing is remarkably addictive and exceptionally calming. I've been playing it pretty exclusively... like... 6 hours a day. Been a while since I've been this engrossed.

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